I'm no expert on external MIDI devices (for playback - I use them only for input) but I'll skip to your more use-oriented question...

On 29/07/17 04:33, Andrew Kilpatrick wrote:
- Audio clips don't start when the transport is rewound and then
played... it is necessary to press play and then rewind.

Overall I really want to like and use Rosegarden, but it seems very
fragile and so far just setting up a few MIDI and audio tracks and
configuring my studio's MIDI devices has led me to what seems like a
broken file which I can't load anymore.

I never used audio with Rosegarden, just MIDI. And I did a precise workflow choice related to how audio works in Linux. Having Jack (and Jack transport), it didn't make much sense to me to use Rosegarden for audio when I could use Ardour in parallel. I'm not bashing Rosegarden's audio features here, just reporting my personal view that Rosegarden is an excellent sequencer with fantastic notation support able to rival some of the commercial ones under some aspects. It strength also lies in using Jack and some of its features. I was able to compose a feature film soundtrack with RG last year and sync it with the video through jack transport and the excellent xjadeo (jack transport-enabled video player).

Of course RG does have bugs and as 2020 approaches it would be nice to have e.g. Jack midi or LV2 and some UI updates (personally more the former than the latter as there are LV2 clients out there).

I have always thought that the 'unix philosophy' works well with linux audio as well, but today the trend seems to have all-in-one software. See Ardour introducing MIDI, which IMHO was unnecessary. If I could have my take on the rosegarden 'roadmap' audio would be low priority and would push on other 'midi'/jack features and improvements, but I can see this is not a very popular point of view

Well I see that was a bit more of an answer to your question, anyway my two cents as a relatively long-standing Rosegarden user (and strong estimator) ;)


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