The Audio Mixer Window rewrite that I've been working on this year has finally reached feature parity with the original Audio Mixer Window. It's time to test it.

If you are a user of the Audio Mixer Window, I would really appreciate it if you can beat this new version up and shake out any bugs. You'll need to do two things:

  1. Build from the latest svn.

  2. Change a setting in your Rosegarden.conf file to
     enable the new Audio Mixer Window v2.

  Rosegarden.conf is usually located here:


  The setting in question is the following:


false is the default and that will give you the old AMW. true will give you v2. You can confirm that you are running v2 by examining the height of the buttons (e.g. "In 1" and "Master"). With v2, the buttons will be short with just enough space for the text. With the old AMW, the buttons will be tall enough to hold two lines of text.

If you need help with building from svn, let me know and I'll guide you through the process.



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