ROSEGARDEN 17.12, codename "Ultimate Pleasure" RELEASED

The Rosegarden team is proud to announce the release of version 17.12 of
Rosegarden, a MIDI sequencer that features a rich understanding of music
notation along with basic support for digital audio.

17.12 brings us numerous bug fixes by Yves Guillemot and Ted Felix.  Ted
has also continued his work on cleaning up the source base with a
rewrite of the Audio Mixer window and simplified handling of the volume,
pan, etc... control change knobs and faders.


  * Fix progress dialog lockups in KDE (bug #1546, r15031-r15034)

  * Fix disappearing lyrics in lyrics editor (bug #1547, r15035-r15036)

  * Fix bug #1548: Last syllable of lyrics is not copied between two
    linked segments.  (r15037)

  * Fix bug #1550: Crash with lyric editor and linked segments (r15038)

  * Fix bug #1551: No sound from an audio file when pressing rewind then
    play. (r15039)

  * Fix bug #1549: Matrix Editor: Velocity ruler not updated correctly
    when changing velocity using the velocity tool (r15041-r15046)

  * Fix alias change not updating label on the audio instrument
    parameters. (r15058)

  * Fix miscellaneous cosmetic issues related to the ThornStyle upgrade.

  * Fix time mode toolbar buttons on the Event List and other windows.

  * Fix incorrect window titles on the preferences and document
    properties windows.  (r15084)

  * Fix garbage property names in Event Edit window.  (r15085)

  * Display velocities modified from the velocity ruler in the status
    bar for the notation editor.  (r15088)

  * Fix bug #1552: Rosegarden fails to build with cmake-3.9.0. (r15089)

  * Fix crash when launching plugin dialog introduced by r14648.

  * Fix external controller audio volume/pan bug (r15107)

  * Fix crash in rulers when pressing mouse buttons (r15116)

  * Export to LilyPond as a repeat sequence several consecutive linked
    segments is now possible (bug #1470, r15119)

  * Fix duplicate connection in initial autoload (r15122)

  * Fix crash when exporting to LilyPond. (bug #1553, r15135)

  * Fix lilypond options dialog too big. (r15140)


  * Add "Use track name for new segments" preference.  (r15090)


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