(Note: I am using Rosegarden 12 instead of the latest version because that is 
what is supported on my Debian Wheezy based computer.  If this problem is 
solved in a later version of Rosegarden, I will look (harder) into ways to 

My problem is this--in some songs, when I add lyrics, there is not enough 
space for the lyrics (that is, for each syllable or measure) so words or 
syllables are cut off and not displayed and/or overwritten (and therefore 
garbled).  (This being on the Notation display, the one that displays musical 
notes and lyrics (if present).)

I did find the spacing "control" and adjusting it does improve the situation, 
but even on the song I'm looking at now, 220% does not eliminate the problem.

I can email the particular song to anyone that is interested--iirc, I got the 
MIDI part from someone on the Internet, which had the lyrics in a separate 
"voice", and I've started to add the lyrics to the melody.  (But, even the 
lyrics in that separate voice have the same problem (they are displayed 
against a musical clef with rests of varying duration.)


Like I say, if this is solved in a later version of Rosegarden, I will try to 
upgrade (although that may take me a while--I'll consider upgrading my 
computer, then Debian, and then use the Rosegarden supported by that version 
of Debian (if it has the "fix").

(I'm not much of a musician (if any ;-), I'm doing this to practice for 
karaoke, but I have vague thoughts of trying to change the time signature and 
put fewer notes in each measure--not sure if that would work or how to do it 
while maintaining the same tempo.)

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