On Fri, 10 Aug 2018, at 17:56, Ted Felix wrote:
>    I think at least part of that page is computer-generated.  Chris 
> would know more.  Not sure exactly what is safe to change and what isn't 
> on that page.

I updated the page. It's generally fine to change anything in there, so long as 
the table at the bottom with its virtual include directive is left unchanged in 
the HTML, so do feel free to update it further if you like.

If the contents of the distro table need to be fixed, then that happens in 
scripts/distro-versions.sh in the Rosegarden source tree -- that's a rather 
obscure shell script, that should retrieve and print the contents of the distro 
table when run.

(I see that at the moment a couple of rows of that table are missing or wrong, 
so it probably needs fixing now...)


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