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It does appear that the USB port on the venom is not for MIDI. I connected my computer via USB to a Behringer UMC404HD Audio Interface and the UMC4040HD to the Venom with a MIDI cable. I got it to work.

It looks like the ALSA support was sketchy. That is commonly the case with that manufacturer's products.

Was the bad rdg file because it was double zipped? I seem to remember reading something about that somewhere. Apparently it was a known issue to someone somewhere.

It was. Ted Felix figured out the trouble and fixed it. It's crazy that this has been a known issue for some untold amount of time, and nobody ever mentioned it to me.

I used that rdg file to create a reabank file. My son in law loves Reaper. So that file also is here:

I can't argue with your son-in-law. ALSA doesn't support my audio interface, so I had to get a Windows box, and I ended up settling on Reaper myself. It's an amazing piece of software. It doesn't really compete with Rosegarden, so I don't feel guilty for admitting how much I like it.

I have a Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 with a Scarlett Octo-Pre and a bunch of Sennheiser e604s, a couple of e614s, a couple of e602s, and some Sure SM57s. It's kind of amazing that some truck driver who can barely play drums has audio gear like this. I finally got sick of making do and just threw money at the problem. Or credit, rather. Hey, I'll have everything paid off when I'm 76 years old, so it's all good.

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