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In the "Add Control Ruler" menu in the Matrix Editor, there are only these CCs listed

10 Pan
93 Chorus
7 Volume
91 Reverb
64 Sustain
11 Expression
1 Modulation

How can I add a ruler for an arbitrary CC# -- for instance, I am sending MIDI to an external sample player that has CC#2 available for playing an ornamented note. How can I send this from Rosegarden (aside from using Event Editor, which is painful)

Try this..

Open: Studio > Manage MIDI Devices

In the top-left area select the button "Controllers..." for the midi device you are connection the sample player to.

A window where you can manage including adding etc. CC# appears.

When you're done the newly added CC will appear in any "Add control ruler" (button with the star icon), in e.g. matrix or notation editor.

I used this quite a bit to have CC71 and CC74 rulers when playing to yoshimi ;)

So what do CC71 and CC74 do when sent to yoshimi?

They control Filter Q (71) and Filter cut-off (74).. Depending on the instrument changing these can have pretty audible and (sometimes) dramatic effects.
Have a look here as well:


Thanks - useful link.

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