On 22/03/20 20:49, Ted Felix wrote:
   Next question....

  Why do you want/need JACK MIDI?  (As with LV2 I may never get to it, but some justification will help focus the effort if I do.)  Thanks.

For me a2j stuff has also worked well in situations where alsa-midi wasn't supported.

As I explained in various places I *thought* jack-midi would facilitate quick rendering through jack freewheel. It turns out that is not the case, which IMHO is a pity (but this is more about JACK than rosegarden).

So probably this becomes more of a nice to have.

PS1: I started looking recently into Carla as a possible solution for 'all-in-one' plugin hosting paired to RG. Indeed Carla seems to have an alsa-midi mode. I could look more into it and study some use cases and actual C/B of using it, if the community is interested.

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