On Sun, 17 May 2020 at 14:37, Ted Felix <t...@tedfelix.com> wrote:

> On 5/17/20 5:43 AM, Lorenzo Sutton wrote:
> > Rosegarden sends a Bank selection (CC 0 + CC 32) and Program change
> > every single time playback starts from the beginning (i.e. measure 1,
> > and this includes if you are looping with a measure which includes
> > measure 1).
>    I was waiting for someone to complain about this.  Now that CCs are
> sorted, this needs to be looked at next.
>    Please open a feature request and copy your message into it.
>    Should be able to get this done for 20.12.

I agree that this feature makes no sense as a default and that a change is
long overdue! I also like the suggestion of making it a (very visible)
option.  If I'm not stating the obvious it might be useful to know why this
'feature' came about in the first place.  I was using a lot of VST
instruments and soft synths for testing at the time and of course these
wouldn't save their own state so this default was a workaround for that
behaviour and probably always should have been an option... I think the
role of the DAW has also changed a bit in the intervening years, rather
than aiming always to use it as a single point of truth, a lot of connected
equipment now has opinions and connectivity, plain and simple, is more
important than anything else.  This also makes me wonder again about JACK
midi of course but that's another story :)

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