On 5/19/20 1:57 PM, Mike Witt wrote:
I see a lot of "Guitar to USB" cables advertised. They don't appear to have any "active" components. Does this really work?

Probably. The active components are usually hidden in the USB end. It's like one of those microscopic flash drives that are so easy to lose.

Anybody using one of these with Rosegarden? On Linux, hopefully?

I'm *not* using one, but some suggestions from researching these things in the past:

1. The cheap ones probably aren't worth it.  I wouldn't spend less than $50.

2. They probably all work just fine with Linux. But to be safe, pick a model and check the reviews on amazon to see if anyone's tested that model with Linux. A google search might turn up something as well. E.g. a google search on 'behringer ucg102 linux' turns up a link on linuxmusicians.com that talks about that one and all of the others working fine in Linux.

3. Consider getting one someplace you can return it easily (e.g. brick-and-mortar) in case you can't find reviews indicating it will work with Linux. Might not be easy in the time of coronavirus.


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