I seem to be unable to get Rosegarden to connect to jack.
I am using (well, trying to use) Rosegarden on an Archlinux setup, with
jack2 and qjackctl:

Name            : rosegarden   Version         : 19.12-1
Name            : jack2           Version         : 1.9.14-
Name            : qjackctl        Version         : 0.6.2-1

qjackctl tells me that jack is running, and if i start rosegarden, I can
see its icon pop up in qjackctl graph.
However, I don't get any sound in rosegarden itself, not can I import any
audio track into it. The File>Manage Audio Files menu item is greyed out.

When Rosegarden starts, I see the following audio-related error messages in
the console:

[JackDriver] initialise() - cannot connect to JACK output port
[AlsaDriver] setCurrentTimer(): WARNING: using system timer with only  300
Hz resolution!
[AlsaDriver] renameDevice(): WARNING: Cannot find device  1  in port map

which seem to confirm that indeed there is something wrong with the rg/jack
connection. How do I tell rg to connect to jack's imput and output ports?
Is it something I have to do through qjackctl?

Stefano Franchi

stefano.fran...@gmail.com <stef...@tamu.edu>
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