On 6/29/20 4:41 AM, Hugo van Galen wrote:
I have been using Rosegarden for about a decade now and have been able to figure it out using search engines. Lately I ran into an issue that I don't remember having before: I noticed that, when in the Matrix Editor, the option "View / Rulers / Add Control Ruler / Volume Controller" doesn't do anything; yet when in the "Notation Editor" this works fine.

I can't reproduce this. But the code does look like it needs some review. The issue will likely become apparent upon cleaning up and syncing the relevant routines.

It seems that any other controller except Velocity and Pitch bend only work in the Notation Editor.

Those are handled separately, so it isn't surprising they are not affected.

Is there an underlying logical reason for this to behave this way -- or is this a bug?

Sounds like you've found a legitimate bug. The key routines in question are:


There are differences that need to be resolved between those two and that might clear up the issue. I don't have time at the moment, but should be back to Rosegarden this weekend. I will have a look then.

- I also wonder whether it is already possible to "remember" the zoom options for any given segment as I always find myself tweaking these, the default zoom doesn't work for me here. Or am I overlooking something obvious in the settings? (Ideally, it would be great if all "view" options could be memorised, so when opening the same segment later, all zoom options, and controller rulers could be restored.)

This is very likely an oversight. I recommend opening a feature request on sourceforge:


- I wonder how the Figuration functionality actually works

Not my area of expertise. Somebody here can probably fill in the blanks, though. Then we really should update the documentation based on what was found.


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