On 6/30/20 5:20 AM, Malhaire Christophe wrote:
1) While using Rosegarden, I cannot play a video on Youtube, or play a piece of music using Parole Media Player.

Off the top of my head, it sounds like those programs likely use ALSA, but you have JACK running. When JACK is running, it takes over ALSA and anything trying to use ALSA will be "broken".

There may be a way to get ALSA and JACK apps to cooperate. I seem to remember an article on the JACK website. This is a common complaint.

2) Each time the PC and Rosegarden are restarted, I have to check and change my MIDI connections because the MIDI ports of my external USB sound modules are systematically inconsistent (MIDI Playback devices related to MIDI Outputs).

This is interesting as we've had this complaint before. I really would like to work on fixing this, if possible, but the other user reported that the problem went away.

To get a closer look at what rg is doing to make those connections, load a composition, then go to Edit > Preferences... and press the "Details..." button next to "Sequencer Status". This should show you the connections it is trying to make. If you can post what's in there, that might help with figuring out what we might be able to do to fix this.

I believe Rosegarden has an internal function for "smartly" attaching a MIDI device, according to its name, but it doesn't work for me. Surely I must miss something but what?

It's all automated, so not really anything you can do. We need to have a closer look and see if anything can be done at all.

Is there anything to add to the .rgd file?

.rgd files are only relevant when you create a new device. It is the .rg file that is driving things from that point on. It's the exact same info, though.

But since the port number can change at each boot, or depending on the order in which the devices are turned on, maybe this is not a good method?

I suspect that is what is really happening. There's a limit to what we can obtain from the drivers. Therefore there is a limit as to how good of a job we can do matching things up.

3) And by the way, where can we find a complete manual about the xml format of .rgd files?

You'll have to read the code. We've barely got time to write code let alone documentation. Feel free to create some, though. We'd be happy to post it to the wiki.


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