On 12/26/22 17:19, Ted Felix wrote:
Just pushed [fcb8f626].  Please test latest git.  New features:

- F11 now puts rosegarden into full screen mode.  I have a tiny 768-high screen.  This is a big help.

- LEDs are now removed from archived tracks.  Since the LEDs are not useful on an archived track, this makes the tracks more obviously archived without losing any functionality.

- Per Patrick May's request November 13, 2021 and feature request 498, I've begun working toward something resembling a true "dark mode".  If you have "thorn" turned on in the preferences (which I think is the default), you will automatically see the new look. Many parts of the UI are now darker.  Still more to do here.

  Let me know if there are any issues.


Interesting. I haven't checked out the update, but my desktop environment (XFCE) has an option for any window called Fullscreen. When I select it for RG 23.06 that I have here, RG goes full screen (no window frame or decorations).

In Firefox, pressing F11 makes it go full screen, too. So it's nice to have a consistent keystroke. I don't remember my old IBM UI guidelines enough to remember if that was something set back then.

Since I use the dark theme, I'm looking forward to it being completed.

Thanks for the new features!

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