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Only vaguely related: Has there ever been any interest in adding a guitar tablature editor to Rosegarden?

Tuxguitar lets you specify the player's ability level, which is kind of nice.

How does that work? You give it something like a numeric level, 1==beginner, 5==expert, and it has A.I. that spits out open-position "cowboy chords" vs ones with nice voice leading all up and down the neck? Impressive if so.

I think adding it to RG while maintaining the ability to also display/edit it *as a score* would be really tough.

I'm envisioning it as a new/separate tablature editor window, like the matrix and event editors vs notation. One of Rosegarden's great strengths is its live updates across the editors (except the event editor which doesn't change until it regains focus -- maybe someone can fix that someday). So creating or moving a note to a fret number and string in the tablature editor would change it in notation/matrix/event because that's deterministic. Creating/moving/changing a note in notation/matrix/event would need some kind of A.I. to choose among the multiple correct fret/string choices, but at simplest that could be the closest correct-pitch position to any existing notes around the same time, or if moving instead of creating, the closest to the note's pre-move fret.

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