ICYMI, the video of Richard's Rosegarden talk is up on the FOSDEM site. Check it out:



On 1/12/23 5:45 AM, Richard Bown wrote:
Hi all,

I pitched a presentation to FOSDEM called "Rosegarden: A Slumbering Giant" and have just been accepted on the main track on the Sunday lunchtime (5 Feb). If you're in the area and fancy popping along here are the details (it's free and open in Brussels, Belgium):

https://fosdem.org/2023/ <https://fosdem.org/2023/>

Why Rosegarden and why now? Well, it's a good story, it's a long story which is still continuing over 30 years since first inception, and I simply wanted to tell it.

My take is this - Rosegarden is a phenomenal and slightly unconventional OSS success story. I'm looking to explore and unpack this a little in the presentation both from a technical/architectural point of view but also from the way of working - team and collaborative approach view. Also of course it's not actually slumbering - it's very active but wanted to get more insight into current usage and direction.

Consequently, I am reaching out to see if there are any stories or feelings you have around using and/or contributing to Rosegarden that you feel are vital and worth sharing. I would love to hear them. Feel free to email me if you don't want to share on the list.


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