Not to steal a thread, but rather than rosegarden supporting all these formats, have you considered rosegarden becoming a plugin so that you can use it in say, ardour. 

Keep rosegarden a special notation piece, and let others worry about the extra fluff.

Sorry if this has been considered before.


On 18 Feb 2023 11:06, Lorenzo Sutton <> wrote:

On 18/02/2023 04:57, david wrote:
> I was wondering about that. With RG already supporting ALSA MIDI, what's
> the showstopper with similarly supporting JACK MIDI?

Actually, I feel that the uncertainty Pipewire it bringing to the Linux
Pro Audio world (see discussions on LAD for example), and the risk JACK
is in the longer term, I feel link bumping up LV2 support in Rosegarden.

Then JACK MIDI as Carla for example only supports JACK MIDI.

Unfortunately it seems that the modular approach of 'an app does
something well' philosophy is at risk if JACK is at risk...

Just a quick guts feeling here, and I totally understand the kind of
endeavor LV2 would be...
In an ideal world I'd be happy for Rosegarden to do 'just' MIDI (maybe
JACK Midi), and then have external software do the plugins. I've written
a lot about e.g. rendering with jack freewheel etc. but I think the
trend now is to go on Linux to the one-DAW-does-it-all probably because
of commercial software like Bitwig or Reaper now available for Linux and
having that approach and Ardour trying to follow on that (albeit IMHO
still lacking to much in the MIDI department).

Enough rambling there, just my 2 cents :-)

> Let us continue to ignore those that might pipe up, "Why support either
> of those when you could just support Pipewire instead?" ;)
> On 2/17/23 17:38, Ted Felix wrote:
>>   No plans.  I would love to do it, though.  Along with JACK MIDI.
>> Need to find some more time.
>> Ted.
>> On 2/17/23 10:05 PM, david wrote:
>>> Inspired by a question from Paul Davus on the Linux-Users-Audio list,
>>> when he replied to my request that Yoshimi add DSSI support: "Why do
>>> you want DSSI instead of LV2?"
>>> I replied that Rosegarden doesn't support LV2.
>>> I see this feature request:
>>> The last item on that list quotes someone else saying:
>>>> Rosegarden does not need native LV2. Carla should have all the
>>>> plugin support needed for a project. We don't need several programs
>>>> all doing the same thing.
>>> Only issue with that for me is, I went to my Debian 11 repository -
>>> and Carla isn't there. It's not available in Debian. Apparently only
>>> through KXStudio repository?
>>> I would still prefer RG having LV2 support built-in, instead of
>>> having to install yet another program.
>>> Ideas?

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