On 25/03/2023 18:45, mark_at_yahoo via Rosegarden-user wrote:
All of this, and much more -- key/scale-specific highlight/stripes, labeling and coloring notes by scale degree, display of notes' chord functions (root, 3rd, 5th, etc) -- is available in my fork of Rosegarden at https://sourceforge.net/u/thanks4opensrc/rosegarden/ci/thanks4opensrc_devel/tree/ and https://github.com/thanks4opensource/rosegarden-fork.

I wasn't aware of a rosegarden fork. Unfortunately I wasn't able to build it on Manjaro (I tried the same procedure as for Rosegarden latest git).

As mainly a *user* I tend to disagree with the 'speculation' in the README file [0] where it says:

'changes to Rosegarden's user interface and/or workflow (beyond the most trivial) are unlikely to be approved based on a belief that a large user base exists, the majority of whom would not accept such changes regardless of whether they represent improvements or not.'

I think there's always interesting discussions on new features (e.g. see the ones about 'new' looping mode), and the concept of 'improvement' is often subjective ;-)

Some listed features in the fork do seem interesting, in particular I spotted:

- Visual distinction between vertical lines indicating measures, beats, and inter-beat grid timing.

This one would be useful when entering in 16ths (or even 8ths) e.g. drums or even synth arpeggios.

- The vertical piano keyboard at the left of the Matrix Editor window more accurately aligns with the note grid.

As I'm not able to build the fork I wonder if any screenshots / screen-grabs exist.


[0] https://github.com/thanks4opensource/rosegarden-fork/blob/thanks4opensrc_devel/README.md#acknowledgment_and_motivation

As far as feature requests go, I submitted #500 (https://sourceforge.net/p/rosegarden/feature-requests/500/) over a year ago but it received no responses or discussion. I implemented a version of it back in October, and apologize for not submitting it as a merge request at that time. But there had been no action on my merges for the six months prior to that, and I eventually gave up and instead released my independent fork of Rosegarden.

Ironically, this feature was one of the two things that originally got me involved in Rosegarden development. I misunderstood that the new-at-the-time "Highlight black notes" mode was locked to C major concert pitch instead of matching the current key signature as I intuitively assumed it would (like "Highlight triads"). I even advertised my ignorance in a February 2022 post to the rosegarden-devel list (https://sourceforge.net/p/rosegarden/mailman/message/37612752/). Ah, those long-ago days when I was blissfully naive about all things Rosegarden. ;)

Finally, if anyone wants to try the fork's code (or merge some of it into official Rosegarden) note that it currently only implements major and minor scales (in any desired key). It does not yet have the additional capabilities proposed in FR500, such as modes (dorian, lydian, etc) or arbitrary non-diatonic scales (whole tone, half-whole, etc). Also note that I'm on the verge of releasing a major update so you might want to wait for that.

As a further irony, Musecore did have these features (modes, scales) in its "piano roll editor" which in all other ways was vastly inferior to Rosegarden's "matrix" (it could only edit a single staff/instrument/part/"segment" at once, had a clumsy interface for manipulating notes, etc). But that was Musescore 3, and they completely removed the editor in Musescore 4! I guess some people are just haters on anything that's not standard music notation. ;)

Thanks for this opportunity to offer the open-source software I've contributed to those who might be interested in what it provides.

On 3/25/23 4:36 AM, Ted Felix wrote:
   Assuming you are in the matrix editor, the best you can do is highlight the I (or i) chord.  Go to View > Highlight > Highlight Triads.  That will darken the 1 3 and 5 degrees of the scale in the current key.

   If that's not good enough, feel free to open a feature request. Philip can probably implement this pretty quickly as he implemented the black keys mode.


On 3/23/23 1:55 AM, M. Yousaf wrote:
How do I set a scale in Rosegarden? In the web app Bandlab, you can select a scale and it will show you it on the keyboard. How would I do this in Rosegarden? I don't want to use Bandlab, as it isn't advanced enough, and doesn't have a music sheet option called Notation Editor in rosegarden.

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