The mailing list handles attachments. .rg files without audio should be small and come across fine. Not sure if there are any size limits. These days, I would think up to 1MB should be ok. That's about a minute of .mp3.

Otherwise sourceforge bug reports seem to handle rather large files just fine. Of course, you won't get as big of an audience there. But you can link from the mailing list. That should work.

You can also use the wiki if you prefer. I can set you up with an id/pass and you can post stuff there and link it from the mailing list. This has worked for me in the past. There are size limits, IIRC, but they are pretty large. Maybe 10MB per file? Uploading files here is a bit complicated, though. It's an odd UI.


On 5/17/23 5:56 AM, wrote:

I just wanna fire this off in the wake of my
last two threads: methinks it would be a great
idea if a paste-up facility existed (maybe on
s-forge for this list's users), something like
susepaste but also allowing *.rg/mp3/mp4's of
examples. A selectable time limit is used at
susepaste and as far as I know there's been no
abuse. It would also help with fixing problems.

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