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Lorenzo Sutton <> :

> On 21/05/2023 03:38, Jozseph Hogan wrote:
> > This is a good point.
> > 
> > If we know that no  note is shorter than a sixteenth note then limiting
> > this woudl remove notes and rests with shorter counts.
> > 
> > No DAW has this?
> > 
> IMHO the thing is that doing this 'a priori' might be slippery, because 
> in some cases you do want a recording to include (some) little 
> 'imperfections' which make it sound more 'live' / 'human'

I would try it, and then decide. I have never heard a musician start a whole 
note (for example) 1/32 before the end of a bar and then tie it the rest over 
into the next one. Being no more a 'musician' than a blacksmith would be a 
machinist, I still suspect that by forcing the use of let's say at least 1/8ths 
the digitizingware would push the note into the next bar. I'm convinced of 
this, the poor quality of digitizingware isn't the abundance of human feel 
(that you'd risk losing) but the exact opposite. Isn't it possible to nix 
cross-bar ties already in rosegarden? I vaguely remember something along such 
lines. I say experiment, I would... :-) 

Make some optional toggleable rules and try them in turn:

If less than 1/16 of a note would be tied across then begin the note in the 
next bar or end it in the current one as the case may be

Same for rests

Try larger/smaller values, listen for differences.

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