As I updated the Rosegarden bank definition for Yoshimi and discussed this on the Yoshimi list [1] I actually discovered that Rosegarden is able of sending program changes greater than 128 (127 in 0 based counting), e.g. if these are in a bank definition file.

I discovered this nearly casually as I tested the updated yoshimi.rgd file which I am generating via Python and which includes all programs, just by scrolling down the Program drop-down in the Instrument Parameters in the Special Parameters pane.

This is actually an interesting feature given that there are (soft) synths now a days (like Yoshimi) which have potentially more than 128 patches per bank.

This can also be tested with some other client which will happily accept program changes greater than 128, like the Drumstick Midi Monitor.

Adding program changes as events enforces max 128, which is 'historically' a sane default, but I'm wondering if - because Rosegarden _is_ actually capable of sending program changes which are greater via alsa midi - this should be raised at least to 256.

I'm not totally sure of the pros and cons of this though, before opening a feature request. For instance if a program change like that were allowed and the user exported to MIDI they would lose it, but then that applies to other rosegarden-specific features as well.

Saving a file as .rg will also happily save the program number if it is > 128 (and thus reloading it correctly).



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