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> On 26/10/2023 00:31, wrote:
> > 
> > The song is a steady 110bpm and is 109 bars in length. The
> > numbers would cruch as follows
> > 
> >
> > 
> > for a total time of 3:58 BUT when the Rosegarden transport indicator
> > is slewed from zero to the end of bar 109 the counter shows 4:02. I
> > don't know what to make of this.
> That seems weird. I did a quick test setting the tempo at 110 for the 
> entire song and placing the playhead at exactly the end of measure 109 
> (or the start of measure 110), and the transport indicates 3:57. See a 
> screenshot here:
> Hint: in Rosegarden you can move the playhead exactly 1 measure at a 
> time by using PAGE-UP and PAGE-DOWN keys
> Also, the transport windows is clickable and you can enter an exact 
> location in any of the supported formats (
> Maybe I would check a couple of things:
> - 4:02 would be around the end of measure 111 at 110 BPM, so are you 
> sure you are at the end of 109?
> - 4:02 would be the end of measure 109 at 108 BPM. Are you sure the 
> tempo is 110 BPM for the whole song? Sometimes when dragging the tempo 
> line in the tempo ruler I have set tempos of which were from .50 to even 
> 2-3 BPM off. In fact when I want to set a fixed tempo I prefer to right 
> click and actually input the numerical values...
> Just my two cents, but then if the above two are correct let's hear what 
> others have to say :-)


I couldn't figure out why you responded since I had very quickly found
the answer ...but then I justy as quickly sent it only to myself :-)

The song END was set as 111 bars, it is not the end of the last
segnment as I had presumed (I always set a couple of extra bars or I
canot grab the end of a segment with the resize tool). 

THANKS for tyrying to help all the same.

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