On 07/12/2023 19:10, Will Godfrey wrote:

Is it possible to set Rosegarden so it *always* asks for confirmation when
saving a project? If not can it be added as an option?

The reason I ask is that there have been a few times where I've forgotten I've
been reworking an existing project (gone away from lunch etc.) then carried on
working for while and hit save without thinking wiping out the original work
as a result. So far, this has not been fatal as I always keep duplicates, but
I'd rather not take risks.

Not a direct solution, but for some projects I (mis)use git. And I also use it for related Yoshimi sate files as I'm often tinkering with sound and then re-consider, but saving different file names is cumbersome.

Yes, git isn't theoretically made for binary files, but the file size orders of magnitude are relatively small and the commit metadata helps :-)

Hope this helps,

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