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>> This is a tricky one IMHO because on the other hand when working on
>> project I also want to be able to always save and not risk losing any
>> change which comes up.
>> So any warning like that should definitely be a switchable on/off
>> option.
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>> How about an incremenial numbering feature while working:
>> You open an existing file "song" and it immediately becomes
>> "song000", ten minutes (adjustable in default settings menu) later it
>> becomes "song001". I am no coder, is something doable?  
>Yes it's doable and should be easy to do, but what about the autosave
>feature ? How many files would be created at the end of a session ?
>I presume it should be better to allways save in a temporary file
>then ask where to save this file when shutting down RG or opening a new
>Anyway it should be a switchable option because IMHO such warnings are
>awful and don't really work: when I have answered "yes" several dozens
>of times to the same question, the next time it will be asked I will not
>read it and automatically answer "yes" whatever the right answer should

Oh yes. I said that it should be switchable. It's not for everyone, nor for
every occasion!

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