Hi Ted, all,

On 27/03/2024 14:50, Ted Felix wrote:
  I have just pushed some significant changes to master.

   And now the real announcement...

  This update includes Philip's work over the past year on support for LV2 plugins.  See Feature Request 462.

First of all super kudos and thanks to Philip and yourself for the massive work on this!!

  It is currently considered
"experimental" and needs testing as well, but please be sure to test the non-LV2 cases mentioned above first.

  You'll need to install two packages on your system in order to build with LV2 support: liblilv and libgtk2.0.  For Debian-based, something like this should work:

   apt install liblilv-dev
   apt install libgtk2.0-dev

I am on Manjaro (Arch based so the packages should essentially be the same). I think the relevant packages here should be:


(you don't seem to mention LV2 but just in case there's also a extra/lv2 package).

Up to know I only tested in a very preliminary way:

- building (works)
- Added and tested on a track a DSSI plugin with a few LADSPA plugins

All seemed to work.

I should have a bit of time over the next long weekend to work on some pieces which currently do not involve plugins so should be my more 'typical' workflow and will use this version explicitly disabling LV2 for the moment and seeing how it goes.

Incidentally I also switched to Pipewire recently so I'm putting that into the equation as I'm still understanding some of its intricacies and how to best get a workflow out of it :-) - this has nothing to do with Rosegarden directly but I guess it's something to keep under the radar given most distributions will eventually move (or already have moved) to it


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