Dear Timea, and members of the WG

I am copying the wg since I have had this problem for many years, during which 
time I have subscribed to the wg. I have recently begun using the AfriNIC 
routing registry, and have been speaking to the AfriNIC staff. They have a 
clean routing registry and hope that with the authentication requirements will 
be better. 

Afrinic staff have told me that *YOU* are the only person (RIPE database 
manager) who can assist and that you should a) be grateful that we are 
assisting you to tidy up and b) should be tidying up. note:

On 21 Sep 2016, at 11:02 AM, RIPE Database Manager <> wrote:
> Please note the RIPE NCC does not own the data contained in the database.  
> It's property of our users, like you. We should not make any changes 
> ourselves.  We encourage you to do it yourself or ask the organization that 
> currently maintains the object to do it for you.

I am really sorry but we have been trying to do what you suggest… We have tried 
to contact the person - who you call 'the owner' of this record - in order to 
remove remove it. Alas, 'the owner' is not contactable and when approached face 
to face, has denied any responsibility since he no longer works for the 
organisation that was sponsoring him when he did it.  

I do not agree that he is the owner, he has no interest in this. In fact the 
contents is about my address space / ASN so I believe that I should be the 
owner, yet since I cannot control it I claim that YOU are now the de facto 

Please help, I think your response - that you will not remove invalid 
information about my network - looks worse for you than it does for me.



> On Tue, 20 Sep 2016 16:53:39 +0200, Alan Levin wrote:
>> Dear DB Manager
>> You have this old outdated record in your database:
>> Please delete it since we are now using the Afrinic Routing registry…
>> Kind thanks,
>> Alan

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