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Maybe I'm missing it when reading the website and the BCOP but where
does it state to *not *allow /25 or more specifics?
The entire reason for MANRS is to prevent route hijacking.  An ISP that
allows /25s or /26s to be leaked will easily circumvent all filters and
protections put in place since the /25 will override the /24 that most
of us filter on.  Without it specifically stated, we can't come to an
ISP that just announced 1000 /25s and tell them they did something
wrong.  Cuz it doesn't appear anywhere in our BCOP.

Please clue me in as to what I am missing since the way it looks now, it
doesn't do what it is supposed to do.


> As discussed in the BCOP TF meeting on Monday, we want to inform the
> Routing WG on the status of the MANRS (https://www.manrs.org/manrs/) and
> the MANRS Abstract BCOP.
> MANRS have been presented a number of times at the BCOP TF and at the
> Routing WG.  The actual MANRS guidelines are published on the manrs.org
> website, but the BCOP TF had the opinion that a RIPE series document has
> value as a static reference to the MANRS.  With the community input and
> feedback an extended abstract has been written down (see attachment).
> Last year August the BCOP TF announced and closed the last call for
> comments on the MANRS Extended Abstract on the BCOP mailing list
> b...@ripe.net.  Somewhat delayed, we want announce on the Routing WG
> mailing list the last call for this document with a time window of two
> weeks (until June 1st).
> Thank you and best regards,
> Jan Zorz & Benno Overeinder
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> Subject: Re: [bcop] Abstract of the MANRS BCOP
> Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2017 15:44:12 +0200
> From: Benno Overeinder <be...@nlnetlabs.nl>
> To: BCOP Task Force <b...@ripe.net>
> CC: Jan Zorz - Go6 <j...@go6.si>
> This reminder is directed to the BCOP TF mailing list subscribers.
> In the BCOP TF meeting we announced a period of last comments on the
> extended MANRS BCOP abstract draft and to publish this as a RIPE document.
> We want to close the comments period in two weeks and move the draft
> further in the process to make it a RIPE document.  Note that the draft
> is an abstract of the MANRS BCOP and references the full MANRS BCOP that
> includes examples and can be extended in the future.  The MANRS extended
> abstract published as a RIPE document will be a stable document.
> Best regards,
> — Benno
>> On 8 May 2017, at 13:31, Andrei Robachevsky <robachev...@isoc.org> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> The final version of the MANRS BCOP has been published on the MANRS
>> website: https://www.manrs.org/bcop/. Both a PDF and an online versions
>> are available.
>> However, to bring the bcop process to an official closure, chairs
>> suggested that instead of publishing the MANRS BCOP as a RIPE document,
>> that might be too constrained, we publish just an abstract. And once the
>> BCOP global repository is in place, we can put it there in whatever
>> format is most convenient.
>> I am attaching the abstract for your review and comments.
>> Regards,
>> Andrei
>> <20170508-MANRS-BCOP-abstract.txt><20170508-MANRS-BCOP-abstract.docx>

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