File names of the archives or of files within the archives? Real spaces in
filenames aren't supported in RISC OS AFAIK (although 'hard spaces' are). I
think HostFS converts between them so real spaces on the host end up as
hard spaces in the emulator and vice versa. Archives named with spaces and
archives containing files named with spaces seem to work ok here although
it's on Windows and V0.8.15.

- James

On 13 March 2018 at 03:04, tonynjac <> wrote:

> Hi
> Firstly thank you for an excellent piece of software.
> And forgive me if this is an old chestnut, but when I was unzipping a set
> of RISC OS archives which were created on an ARMini, onto an admittedly
> rather old version of RPCEmu (v 08.11 I think) running on Linux Mint 18.1,
> I ended up with all sorts of problems whenever the original file names
> contained a space. If I unzip from within RPCEmu, !Spark crashes and
> !Infozip ignores files with spaces altogether. If I unzip on the Linux
> side, I lose the file typing. If I try to do bulk renames, it seems to
> confuse HostFS,  Is this something which has been sorted in later versions
> of RPCEmu, or does anyone know a work around ?
> Thanks in advance
> Tony Balmer
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