In short, RPM 4.14.0 alpha is out now. We had to cut off some planned features in order to not slip ad finitum, but there's plenty of new good as it is anyway. Some highlights:

- Major revamp of debuginfo packages
- Major macro engine changes to sanitize and improve the "language"
  - Parametric macro arguments are expanded
  - Scoping is enforced for automatic macros
  - Buggy "block level" scoping is gone, only macros defined inside
    parametric macros are considered local
- Major rewrite of package/header reading and signature checking to
  utilize a single codepath
- A configurable mode to conserve SSD disks
- Weak dependencies are taken into account when ordering
- Support for with/without rich dependencies
- ...and many other enhancements and numerous bugfixes all over the

Further details & download info at (but currently WIP)

Please test as much as possible. And be aware, the macro changes are practically bound to break something somewhere.

On behalf of the rpm-team,

        - Panu -
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