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On Fri, Oct 14, 2016 at 04:33:00PM +0300, Panu Matilainen wrote:

Hey folks,

Time to get rpm 4.13.0 out of the door. But in order to do that, we'll
need to cut -rc2 first, there's just too much change to jump right into

The idea is to get -rc2 out next week (ie by Oct 21st at latest). If all
goes well we'll just rename that to -final in a few weeks time, if all
goes to hell we'll just have another -rc. Which I really, really dont
want to happen. So what I've planned for -rc2 is this rather
conservative cherry-picks from git master on top of the 4.13.x branch:
Anyway, the list above is not set in stone, otherwise there'd be little
point in posting it here. If you think something absolutely critical is
missing from that list, or that something should not be there, now is
the time to speak up.

Please include rpmdb.c fixes (commits 4c6e51e2 and e5d3b9f6), they are
essential for apt-rpm.

Request noted, but remember this is an ages old runtime bug, finally fixed. Whether it gets fixed or not does not affect eg package or API/ABI compatibility, so it can just as well be fixed in 4.13.1.

I guess I should've explained myself more clearly. What makes a MUST-FIX in this situation is quite specific. Here are the main categories with some examples that hopefully make it clearer:

a) things that affect file formats (package compatibility etc)
   - d20b7d2 Fix rpmrichOpStr to use the new syntax
   - 7a84b45 Add support for various types of dependencies to
     rpmdeps tool
   - 61838b0 Remove size limit when expanding macros
   - 19fe0d9 Add posix.redirect2null

b) things that affect API/ABI
   - aee8446 Rename expandMacrosU to rpmExpandMacros
   - ddf9ec7 rpmExpandMacros() is modified to be able to return
     more return codes

The common theme in the above being that not fixing now would somehow make life harder in the future, or break things that people are already depending on in their specs etc (due to Fedora and Mageia and having these patches for a long time). These are *the* kind of things I'm asking for more eyeballs on.

Then there are SHOULD-FIX items, which are just runtime bugs and such that could be fixed at any later release as well. However at this point not fixing the reported security issues would look seriously strange and bad, so they are essentially must-haves. And we dont want known regressions from 4.12.x either:

c) security fixes
   - 1af568a Fix next_brace_sub() to return NULL if braces don't match

d) regressions from 4.12.x
  - 0d214a1 Permit scriptlet exec context setting to fail in
    non-enforcing modes

Then there are various other upstream backport patches in Fedora and Mageia for a long time that do not really match the above, but dropping them would basically introduce regressions and force the distros to carry those patches with no good reason. Plus the 4.13.x codebase is actually most tested with those particular patches applied, whether they are otherwise that important or not so dropping those patches is actually more risky than not doing so.

        - Panu -
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