The only sane way to add an event loop within RPM is through embedding, at 
which point maintenance is with RPM, not through actively maintained external 
libraries. libeio is the only reasonable embeddable choice.

Extending external libeio with additional system calls is trickier with 
external libeio as well because libeio includes both high level wrappings as 
well as a low level core engine. Again embedding is easier to extend and 
straightforward to maintain (if extending libeio to additional system calls 
like posix_fadvise, or David Howell's new-fangled kernel xstat system call). 
Meanwhile what is on libeio suffices for most usage cases, now and for the 
future, imho.

Do not fool yourself thinking otherwise: meanwhile libelo is mature (i.e slowly 
changing) and well tested, and Marc Lehman responds quickly to questions (also 
tested by me ;-)

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