There is one other alternative: libcoro (also by Marc Lehman). If the only 
problem I was trying to solve was making fdatasync+fsync asynchronous, then 
libcoro would be the best choice. My patch essentially reduces libeio to 
co-routine functionality. libcoro does not require a scheduler, nor threads, 
etc if there is a non-blocking variant of an existing system call that needs to 
be run.

Meanwhile there are serious design issues switching to a coroutine 
implementation, the code is often quite mysterious.

There are similar issues reworking the design of existing imperative I/O loops 
to run asynchronously. However, the issues that need to be dealt with in an 
event loop are rather easier than redesigning with coroutines.

Again, JMHO, YMMV, everyone's does. libeio is what I've chosen to attempt an 
event loop implementation in RPM, try-and-see-and-measure is the only 
development paradigm I believe in ;-)

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