This PR is now four months old, where not a single comment on it has been made.

The implementation is completely unintrusive and at possibility to even create 
regressions, yet not a single feedback..?

What gives?

In contrast to the preceeding rpmpython PR, this one has addresses all issues 
with and require no additional linking or anything at all, while leaving the 
responsibility of optioinally implementing the rpminterp plugin interface to 
third parties and outside of rpm upstream with additional maintenance and 
complexity from. In stead by leaving it up to third parties, it encourages 
further development and benefits from being made outside and indepedent of rpm 
itself, having the potential for some serious developments in rpm packaging 
with the ability to improve it drastically left in the hands of those doing the 
packaging and hence knowing it best.

Please finally review and give feedback on anything that would like to be seen 
changed and I'll attend to ASAP. Waiting several months without PRs invested a 
lot of time with great ambitions for, only to have it ignored is extremely 
demotivating, not encouraging further contributions and has the hallmark of 
poor project leadership, especially considering I'm not the only one 
experiencing such little interest and appreciation in time and efforts invested 
into my contributions..

If anything is unfair about what I wrote, I surely and strongly encourage 
anyone who thinks I'm unreasonable and out of line to please comment on this in 
this PR as discussions taking place on IRC in stead is completely unfruitful 
and the completely wrong place to conduct such anyways.

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