If we had `%build_requires -f <script>` section (to be handled post %prep time),
-- piping out the additional build-requires line-by-line -- I don't see any 
why RPM should feel blocked to implement this.  Likely the SRPM won't be
parseable by older RPMs, likely old build-system won't know how to handle
them, but that's non problem.

So one thing is definition of this feature (done on RPM side), and the second 
is implementing this feature in build-systems.  From the build-system POV, 
there are
IMO two ways how to handle this (since the new action needs to be done
right after %prep section):

  - either split the build into two parts, which is not easily doable in RPM 
nowadays AFAIK
  - execute the %prep twice, first time solely for the purpose of 

I don't think the former is needed at least at the beginning.

To me, I think we only need a volunteer to implement this in RPM (PoC pull 

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