On 04/03/2018 10:31 PM, Vladimir D. Seleznev wrote:
RPMTAG_IDENTITY is calculating as digest of part of package header that
does not contain irrelevant to package build tag entries.

Mathematically RPMTAG_IDENTITY value is a result of function of two
variable: a package header and an rpm utility, thus this value can
differ for same package and different version of rpm.

Before proceeding with further work on this, we need to define what is it that we're trying to identify. The above definition is very ambiguous, and it's impossible to properly review + discuss the patch when my idea of package identity might be entirely different from somebody elses idea, that'll only cause unnecessary work and frustration.

Starting with, what is a "package"? Are we talking about the source package, or binary packages?

If it's binaries, then we're always ultimately talking about a *build*, and a line needs to be drawn somewhere. There are any number of ways to draw such a line, so it needs to be explicitly stated. One example of such line could be something like "package id must match between a package built on different instances of the same operating system, version and architecture". That clearly is NOT the line that this version of the patch tries to draw, but then it's not at all clear to me what that line is supposed to be.

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