@n3npq a few questions about something you said earlier:

> RPM object (like ts, h, db) is ref-counted, but the counter increment is not 
> atomic.

When are the reference counts incremented/decremented, and can I bump them 
externally? If so, I could have Rust increment the reference count when it 
takes a reference, and decrement it on drop.

> With MINMEM, the tag data should be treated as if it were read-only (but 
> during header load/unload integer data will be swabbed).

I have the read-only part covered in that I am giving out immutable references, 
however I'm still a bit unclear on what happens with header load/unload and in 
particular how that relates to taking the next item in a match iterator.

If possible I think it'd be great if I could use Rust's regular 
[Iterator](https://doc.rust-lang.org/std/iter/trait.Iterator.html) type for 
RPM's match iterators, however for that to work all data the iterator 
references must live at least as long as the iterator itself. Is that possible?

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