I'd really recommend avoiding HEADERGET_MINMEM entirely because of all the 
hidden implications, just use HEADERGET_ALLOC always so you can trust the data 
isn't going to vanish or move underneath you, like n3npq said you need to 
manage unallocation anyway for string arrays.

As for handling tag data, you probably don't want to expose rpmtd to rust 
directly but convert to native representation - that's what the "native" python 
bindings do. I started adding an actual python binding for the rpmtd object at 
some point and it just didn't make any sense at all. Encoding generally 
speaking anybody's guess, but packages built with rpm >= 4.13.0 carry 
RPMTAG_ENCODING with value of "utf-8" if the strings in the package were all 
valid utf-8.

FWIW, I don't see a reason why the bindings could not be "hosted" in the 
rpm-software-management group, it'd be only a good thing to have these things 
under the same umbrella.

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