Hi all,
[I posted a similar proposal under the thread "How to generate GNU make
dependency file for a SPEC file automatically?" but I'm reposting here with
a better subject]

Proposal: add a new option to rpmbuild, something like
file> that writes the md5sum (or whatever other hash, sha1sum, etc) of all
files placed inside the RPM package. Of course the hash would be that
associated to the file prior to cpio compression, after all other rpm
processing (e.g., stripping of debug info), just before it gets compressed.

Rationale: with some simple post-processing such new option would allow to
e.g., find in a way transparent to the build system employed by the user
(automake, cmake, etc) to understand if a .rpm needs to be regenerated
(because some of its packaged files have been changed) or not.

Would RPM maintainers accept such a patch?

Thanks for comments!
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