Supports the same expressions as spec %if conditions because, only this returns 
the result as a string instead of a boolean.

This obviously *screams* to be wired into macro conditional syntax, but that's 
left as an exercise for later.
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-- Commit Summary --

  * Resurrect parseExpressionString()
  * Export the expression parsing functions and move to librpmio
  * Add %{expr:...} macro for parsing expressions

-- File Changes --

    M build/ (2)
    M build/parseSpec.c (2)
    M build/rpmbuild_internal.h (8)
    M doc/manual/macros (1)
    M rpmio/ (2)
    R rpmio/expression.c (48)
    M rpmio/macro.c (5)
    M rpmio/rpmmacro.h (15)
    M tests/ (21)

-- Patch Links --

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