@pmatilai commented on this pull request.

> +    digest_hex = pgpHexStr(digest->digest, digest->digest_size);
+    rpmlog(RPMLOG_DEBUG, _("file(size %li): %s: digest(%i): %s, idx %i\n"),
+          file_size, rpmfiFN(fi), digest->digest_size, digest_hex,
+          rpmfiFX(fi));
+    free(digest_hex);
+    memset(&sig_params, 0, sizeof(struct libfsverity_signature_params));
+    sig_params.keyfile = key;
+    sig_params.certfile = cert;
+    if (libfsverity_sign_digest(digest, &sig_params, &sig, sig_size)) {
+       rpmlog(RPMLOG_DEBUG, _("failed to sign digest\n"));
+       goto out;
+    }
+    sig_hex = pgpHexStr(sig, *sig_size);

Here too, IMA file signatures set a bad example. Use base64 encoded strings 
instead of hex, it's much more space efficient (and IMA should be changed to 
that as well)

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