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> +}
+static char *rpmVeritySignFile(rpmfi fi, size_t *sig_size, char *key,
+                              char *keypass, char *cert, uint16_t algo,
+                              uint32_t block_size)
+    struct libfsverity_merkle_tree_params params;
+    struct libfsverity_signature_params sig_params;
+    struct libfsverity_digest *digest = NULL;
+    rpm_loff_t file_size;
+    char *digest_hex, *sig_hex = NULL;
+    uint8_t *sig = NULL;
+    int status;
+    if (S_ISLNK(rpmfiFMode(fi)))
+       file_size = 0;

No signatures for symlinks? Symlink pointing to an unintended place can have 
pretty drastic consequences...

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