It was possible to generate Requires, Recommends etc. using external dependency 
Adding ability to generate OrderWithRequires.

Example use case:

When a package contains a systemd unit, %systemd_* macros are usually used;
it is usefull to add "OrderWithRequires: systemd" in this case to 
that systemd is installed before that package.

It will help to avoid adding "%systemd_ordering" manually to all 
packages using systemd.
Having systemd preinstalled before packages with systemd scriptlets is really 
otherwise those scriptlets fail silently, and the resulting ISO or chroot may 
be broken.

The same makes sense for e.g. systemd-sysusers, systemd-tmpfiles.

An RPM generator using this functionality was implemented:
Rebuilding packages with systemd stuff in rosa2019.05 using this generator has 
already helped
to improve installation order, e.g. make e.g. openvpn be installed when systemd 
already exists
in a big transaction with ~3500 packages when building a big ISO image.
Before that openvpn was installed when systemd did not exist yet.

P.S. This patch adds %__find_orderwithrequires, maybe that is legacy code that 
should not be changed.
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-- Commit Summary --

  * Add OrderWithRequires dependency generation

-- File Changes --

    M build/rpmfc.c (10)
    M build/rpmfc.h (7)
    M tools/rpmdeps.c (6)

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