> But why? If a package contains a config is /usr/lib/sysusers.d/, why not to 
> ensure that it is installed after systemd-sysusers binary is present and so 
> the scriptlet which creates users can be executed?

Yes, in that case the dependency is warranted.

> If there is just a scriptlet which calls `systemctl preset`

Each distribution can do this as they see fit, but at least in Fedora 
systemd.rpm calls `preset-all` upon installation, so the effect is the same no 
matter if packages with units are installed before or after.

> In most cases, I agree, it is not needed, but seems to be not harmful.

The reason to minimize dependencies is avoidance of circular dependencies. When 
there's a circular dependency, dnf will have to break the loop by ignoring some 
dependency, which can break some other script where the dependency is actually 

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