Up to now we've run tests in a mish-mash of an environment where bits and 
pieces of previous tests might exist, and as state has been shared it's 
been impossible to execute tests in parallel.
This makes the pre-populated testing-root read-only to the owner to force all 
writers to perform an extra setup call to gain a private testing environment. 
Most of the users needing this already had RPMDB_INIT calls to ensure clean 
rpmdb state so that's where this is hooked onto.
There's a fair bit of gymnastics with the environment to make things match 
on both sides of fakechroot, some of which can hopefully go away eventually 
once the dust from this settles. This is also rather heavy as it is, on my 
laptop serial execution goes down from ~1m15s to ~1m45s, but then parallel 
execution with -j8 is down to ~50s. There should be a number of optimizations 
that can be made, such as setting up links for writable directories instead of 
copying the entire testing-tree around, but leaving that as a future exercise. 
This is more of an enabler than the goal state.

Note that this does *not* enable test-suite parallel running for `make -jN 
check`, because `make` does not export the -j argument in a way that we could 
pass to `./rpmtests` from the makefile. To enable that, one needs to pass a 
suitable -jN argument through TESTSUITEFLAGS, such as `make -j8 check 
TESTSUITEFLAGS="-j8"`. Or run invoke `rpmtests` manually.
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-- Commit Summary --

  * Always refer to our testing root directory via ${RPMTEST}
  * Merge RPMDB_CLEAR into RPMDB_INIT, they're never used separately
  * Add missing RPMDB_INIT wherever we write something in the tests
  * Run tests sharing built material as groups
  * Use testroot, not host configuration for finding lua init directory
  * Don't assume pre-existing /opt in replace tests
  * Execute tests in independent testing roots to enable parallel running

-- File Changes --

    M tests/Makefile.am (4)
    M tests/atlocal.in (18)
    M tests/debugedit.at (1)
    M tests/local.at (23)
    M tests/rpmbuild.at (169)
    M tests/rpmbuildid.at (82)
    M tests/rpmconfig.at (25)
    M tests/rpmconfig2.at (22)
    M tests/rpmconfig3.at (8)
    M tests/rpmconflict.at (40)
    M tests/rpmdb.at (18)
    M tests/rpmdeps.at (36)
    M tests/rpmi.at (114)
    M tests/rpmio.at (2)
    M tests/rpmmacro.at (7)
    M tests/rpmorder.at (3)
    M tests/rpmpython.at (2)
    M tests/rpmquery.at (35)
    M tests/rpmreplace.at (23)
    M tests/rpmscript.at (5)
    M tests/rpmsigdig.at (18)
    M tests/rpmverify.at (19)
    M tests/rpmvfylevel.at (5)

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