There are efforts to get rid of distro default config files in /etc in favor of 
built in defaults or files in eg /usr/etc. Means rpms no longer install stuff 
into /etc. The transition there however requires some handling of existing 
files in /etc. Unmodified ones should get removed while modified ones need to 
stay in place. Right now on openSUSE side we have an advice in the wiki to add 
 in %pre and %posttrans. Not exactly convenient nor smart.

Also, that model assumes that such packages have no mention of the config files 
in /etc at all anymore. IMHO it would still be desirable own the ones in /etc 
though. So if one runs `rpm -qc vim` one would see `/etc/vimrc` even if that 
file isn't shipped.

So assuming the old package had

    %config(noreplace) /etc/vimrc
The new one should have something like

    %config(missingok) /etc/vimrc

    %ghost %config /etc/vimrc

Currently however the first version would lead to actually installing a 
(potentially zero sized) file in /etc, and the %ghost form would not remove an 
unmodified config on update.

Any thoughts on this?

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