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The environment is OSX and rpm is built using the scripts and patches found here: sysutils/rpm50

rpmbuild is called from an ant script, but I've not come across port (1) before so I'm not sure what that is (and you'd imagine that Googling for 'port' doesn't help me :-)

I'll reproduce the entire SPEC for you inline. It is pretty simple, although I'm not sure if we are doing the right thing. It is meant to be a binary only rpm since we the ant script has already built the appropriate jars. Really it is very simple: put startup script in the right place, put jar in the right place and create a couple of folders. rpm is overkill but I thought it might be a convenient packaging tool. It really is quite complicated to do simple things though (compared to what I know well which is the FreeBSD ports/ packaging system). But that might be my inexperience with it and the lack of documentation about use cases which aren't ./configure && make style installs.

The ant target used is fairly understandable even if you haven't used ant much:

<rpm rpmBuildCommand="/opt/local/bin/rpmbuild" specFile="onCourseServer.spec" topDir="${distribution.dir}/rpm" failOnError="true" command="-bb"/>

The problem is with how the Ant Rpm task calls rpmbuild: ant/taskdefs/optional/

        if (topDir != null) {
            toExecute.createArgument().setValue("_topdir" + topDir);

There is a space (" ") missing between the name and the value,
which causes later versions of RPM to translate all '-' to '_'.
(it now converts all dashes in the macro _names_ to underscores,
but will leave values alone - as long as they are separated OK)

So changing "_topdir" to "_topdir " above, should fix it...


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