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--- Comment #6 from Dominik 'Rathann' Mierzejewski <> ---
Is there any real need for this package in RPMFusion? FFmpeg is almost 100%
backwards compatible with libav. The one package that I thought still used
bundled libav (gstreamer1-libav) actually switched back to FFmpeg last year.

Most of the symbols in the provided libraries have the same names, so you'd
have to be extremely careful not to end up with another package depending on
both ffmpeg-libs and libav in the future. Since libvdpau-va-gl (the
vaapi-to-vdpau bridge that's required to use Intel GPUs via vdpau) depends on
ffmpeg-libs, this might be trickier than you think. Even renaming the libraries
and their sonames won't help here. You'd have to rename the symbols, too.

So, I'm against including this package in RPMFusion because it introduces a
world of potential trouble without any clear technical benefits.

But of course I'm open to any counter-arguments.

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