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> (In reply to Hans de Goede from comment #21)
> - MUSTFIX: Building is non-verbose
> Please append --disable-silent-rules to %configure

Fixed in 0.1.3-2

> - /usr/lib64/pkgconfig/vo-aacenc.pc seems broken to me.
> It uses includedir=/usr/include,

Right, vo-amrwbenc does the same thing, the users expect to need to do:

#include <vo-amrwbenc/enc_if.h>

I just tried building gstreamer1-plugins-bad-freeworld with vo-aacenc support
enabled and that works fine.

> - Consider to remove the "rm -rf %{buildroot}" from %install
> It's not needed anymore unless you plan to build this package for really
> ancient rhels.

Fixed in 0.1.3-2

> - Consider to remove the "Group" tags. They aren't used for anything in
> Fedora.

Fixed in 0.1.3-2

Here is 0.1.3-2 :

* Sat Sep 17 2016 Hans de Goede <> - 0.1.3-2
- Pass --disable-silent-rules to %%configure
- Drop obsolete Group tags, rm -rf %%{buildroot}
- Use %%make_install

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