On 10/12/2016 09:15 AM, Kevin Kofler wrote:
Huh? Upstream says 3.1 is API- and ABI-compatible to 3.0 (with only one
application needed fixing for some reason), so it should be perfectly
suitable as an update. This is similar to Qt upgrades that have often been
done in Fedora (where there are also a few odd packages that invariably need
rebuilding due to (ab)using private Qt APIs).

Yes, we don't /need/ to rebuild every ffmpeg-using app. However, Kodi caches the version you compile against so it will continue to erroneously report you are using FFmpeg 3.0. Other apps, like mpv, do the same but actually fail if you use a different version at runtime. I would feel safer if we went ahead and rebuilt if it is pushed to F24.

Introducing a second package for the new version is a horrible idea, it will
lead to symbol conflicts (in applications accidentally transitively linking
both versions) and a waste of space. I would just upgrade the existing
package to the new version.

We don't need to add a second package for this.

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