It's now possible to login into our pkgdb instance at
It will use our ipsilon instance at, that is
connected to a freshly migrated fas instance.

That was a lot of work to understand what needs fixing and how to
adapt, so please enjoy.

About ipsilon:
It implements only the openid connect protocol (no saml2 yet). you
should be able to use a login{username}
(tested with ask

About pkgdb:
What is known not to work are:
- Create package request
- Create branch request.
That needs more knowledge about which verification are done and what
need to be adapted in the pkgdb code.

Packager ACL requests should work, provenpackager is implemented and
sergio and leight are admins.
Please report others issues here of in bugzilla. But my priority is to
have new branches and packages working.



Nicolas (kwizart)

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